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What to know before buying mobile phone Udate 2020

What to Know Before Buying Mobiles —

One of our favorite hobbies is mobile phones. This is our daily companion. Mobiles are a must for all our day-to-day happiness, laughter, joy, inquiry.

Some work with mobile, some use for teaching work, some use only as a means of communication. So, before buying this hobby mobile, there are some things to know.

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1) Before buying a mobile, select the design: –

Design is one of the most important things. Because, if your phone is not nice to look at, it does not mean buying with extra money. It should be nice to see the phone first. So before buying a mobile phone, choose the design. You can use this mobile review site.

  • 2) Operating system: ————– 

Android, iOS or other?

The operating system must be chosen before buying a mobile phone. Because, mobile phone software relies on all experience operating systems.

  • ** Android ———–

Android is currently ruling the world market. It has gained huge popularity in the market compared to iOS. Because the Android operating system is free, many companies use this operating system. Moreover it is quite flexible. All of these features are being updated day by day. That’s why app developers are choosing the Android operating system to build their app.

  • ** iOS or iOS operating system —-

Another operating system is the iOS operating system. IPhones are operated by this operating system. It is ranked number 2 in the market.

  • 3) Learn about Smartphone Processor Before Buying Mobile —————

System-on-chip or simply simple words CPU. CPU or CPU is the brainchild of a smartphone. It has integrated smartphone processor, graphic processor, cache as well as various wireless modules required. It’s called chipset. Some say only processor. Then you must understand how important the processor is for mobile phones.

All data processing on a smartphone is done through a processor. Depending on the processor is good or bad, the processor’s clock speed, core number, and more. Previously we used mobile phones for calls only. At present  online browsing is added.

But today’s smartphones are not limited to just calls or browsing. Now we do more work with mobile. And that requires a powerful processor. Therefore, when buying a mobile, you must keep the processor in mind.

  • 1) Choose screen size ————

Before buying a mobile phone, select the screen size. Many people say which phone is better? Which mobile is the best? Depending on the screen, it depends on your choice. If you choose a mobile on the big screen, you will see the video. However, it is difficult to carry it again. So choose the screen size you want.

  • 3) Phone Weight ——–

Weight should be taken into account when buying a mobile phone. If your smartphone becomes too heavy, it will be difficult to carry or ease of use.

But keep in mind, the larger the mobile, the weaker the weight. Moreover, the battery’s charge capacity is high but the weight


  • 4) Battery Charge Capacity ————


Moreover, the battery’s charge capacity is high but the weight of the battery increases . In this case the weight of the mobile increases. So buy the best mobile considering all aspects.

  • 5) Mobile Price ——–

Prices for your mobile before buying. How much money will get a good mobile within the budget? In response to this question, I would say that at present there is a very good quality mobile available at 100$ to 250$ dollars

Therefore, your budget is sufficient from SAR 450 to 1,000 SAR. But you can budget more if you want.

  • 6) Know about RAM or RAM before buying a mobile phone ———-

Random access memory (RAM) is a type of computer’s data storage system.

RAM increases the speed of your mobile. The more RAM, the more speed. So before buying mobile try to buy at least 2 GB RAM mobile.

Currently, smartphone companies are releasing 4GB of RAM in the mobile market. However, buying too much RAM mobile doesn’t waste the money unnecessarily. One GB of RAM is enough for your smartphone.

  • 7) Rome or ROM ————–

ROM (Read Only Memory) is the internal memory of the mobile. Someone or this is also called set memory. If the ROM of the mobile is too low then there is a problem to run the set. So, to get good speed of mobile phones, you need to have ROM as well as RAM.

In the market there are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of RAM mobiles available. However, less than 16GB of ROM isn’t good.

  • 8) Mobile Phone 3G or Four-G ????

Currently one of the most important things is 3G (3G) and 4G (4G). 3G is the third generation mobile network and 4G is the fourth generation mobile network.

Supporting 3G on your mobile phone will give you some kind of internet speed. And if you have 4G, you will get much higher internet speed. And if there is 5G, there is no point.

  • 9) Before buying a mobile phone, look for a good camera phone ——-

Currently, taking pictures with mobile has become a fashion. On various occasions, we take pictures or videos. Someone is earning  through Youtube or Facebook. So, Many of us want to get better camera quality of mobile.

Before buying the mobile, you will see the pixels of the camera of the mobile. If necessary, take 2-5 copies of the picture. You can watch the video.

  • 10) Battery Charge Capacity ———–

Before buying a mobile phone, know about battery capacity. The higher the battery charge capacity, the more your mobile can hold the charge. So try to get a good battery back up to buy a mobile power battery of up to 3,000 ml Ampere.

With 3,000 ml Ampere battery mobile you can run normal for 1 days. And the battery will have more charge if it has more power.

  • 11) Buy Good Brand Mobile ———-

Always try to buy good brand original mobile. That’s when you get the best phone.

  • Conclusion: – Mobile phones have given us a lot of flexibility in our life journey, improved communication system. So, everybody should keep in mind which is above mentioned gradually.

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