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What Happens When A Baby Doesn’t Get Enough Sleep | Fast Online Solution

Healthy sleeping is the part and percale of life. There is no substitute for enough sleep to maintain good physical and mental health of baby.

As an awareness parents, we all have to know about the bad effect of the lack of sleeping for your lovely baby.  If the child does not get enough sleep, they may suffer various problems.such as :


[ 1 ]  Physical growth :  Enough sleep is needed for the baby to grow. Because, at that times the activity of physical growth hormone is activated.

[ 2 ]  Reduce brain improvement : Lack of sleep can reduce the development of a child’s brain  which is very problematic for the future.

[ 3 ] Reduce immunity  :    Sleep deprivation reduces a child’s immune system. The tendency to catch a cold or get sick is seen in all these children.

[ 4 ] Increase the weight of baby :  Sleep deprivation increases the secretion of leptin hormone in the body which is the hormone needed to control hunger. Lack of this hormone, it cannot’ able to controls fairly. As a result, the child eats more and weight gain.

[ 5 ]  Reduce the abilities of learning :     The lack of sleep a child gets reduced ability to learn. He can n’t easily learn something new. From a very young age, their ability to concentrate also reduce rapidly.They are leg behind of others in keeping a cool head.

[ 6 ]  Unhealthy mood : Experts say that childrens who don’t get enough sleep,  they feel uncomfortable  in their body than other children.   As a result, their mood doesn’t stay better than other children.

[ 7 ] Good behavior : Statistics show that children who doesn’t get enough sleep, they  can not easily mix with others.

[ 8 ]  Bad for the heart : Children who does n’t get enough sleep, their heart is also bad effected seriously.

As a conscious mother, you have to emphasis the importance of sleeping for your lovely baby. If you have any suggestions, you can comment below regarding the bad effect of sleeping.



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