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What is Syllable?

As many parts of a word as they can be pronounced at once, each part is called a syllable. Such as:  Fa + ther, Mo+ ther, Far+mer etc.


Types of Syllable : There are four types of syllable. Such as:

1. Monosyllable,

2. Di syllable,

3. Trisyllable,

4. Polysyllable.

1.Monosyllable: A word that has only one Syllable is called Monosyllable.

Such as: Run, Bat, Cup, Pot, Mat, Pen etc.

2. Di syllable  : A word that contains two syllable is called Disyllable. Such as:

Mother = Mo + ther

Baby = Ba + by

Doctor = Doc + tor

3. Tri syllable : A word that has three syllable words is called Trisyllable. Such as:

Beautiful = Beau + ti + ful

Umbrella = Um + bre + lla

Company = Com + pa + ny

4. Polysyllable: A word that contains more than three syllable is called Polysyllable.Such as:


Examination = Exa + mi + nation

University = U + ni + ver +sity

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