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Definition of Sentence

A sentence is a word or group of words that must express a whole idea or knowledge or meaning and have a subject and a verb.


We learn English.

( Here ‘we’ is subject,  ‘learn’ is verb and ‘English’ is object.)


Note : (Also it can contain any object or supplement and the words must be correctly ordered.)


Basically, a sentence has two parts. Such as:
  • a) Subject ,
  • b) Predicate. 

* Subject :   The person or thing about which something is said or written is called the subject.

*Predicate : It is called  which tells or writes about the subject.

For example — in the above example, ‘ we’ is subject and ‘learn English ‘ is predicate.


Note: A sentence usually begins with a subject  and then prediction comes.



  • Kinds of Sentence :The sentence can be classified into five categories according to meaning or function.


  • a) Assertive sentence,
  • b) Interrogative sentence,
  • c) Imperative sentence,
  • d) Optative sentence and
  • e) Exclamatory sentence.

Assertive sentence :   An assertive sentence is a simple or general statement.


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( Structure : Subject + verb + object+ complement/adverb/adjective.


Interrogative sentence :  An interrogative sentence asks questions about a person or thing.

Example —

Are you Sharmin?
Who are you?

(Structure : WH +auxiliary verb + subject + extention…?

 [Note: There are two ways to construct interrogative sentences.

Fastly,beginning with helping verb.
Secondly,beginning with some specific words like who, what etc which are known as ‘WH’ question. ]


Imperative sentence :   A sentence that expresses a request, order, order, advice, advice, etc., is an imperative sentence.

Example :

Go there.

Don’t run in the sun
Please,  read the form.

( Structure : Subject (Invisible) + verb + object) 


Optative sentence : Wish, desire, prayer, etc. are expressed by the Optative sentence.

Example :

May Allah bless you.
Wish you be successful in the exam.


Exclamatory sentence : Exclamation is a sentence that expresses a sudden / sudden feeling or emotion such as surprise, pain, joy, anger, hatred, etc.

Example :
Hurry!  Our solider has won in the battle fields.
Alas! He has failed the competition. 
(Structure :Alas/ Hurrah/ Bravo/+ What/ How + a/an + adjective + sub + verb!


  • Structure of Sentence: There are three types of sentences according to the structure. such as:
  • 1) Simple sentence,
  • 2) Compound sentence and
  • 3) Complex sentence. 

Simple Sentence :The simple sentence is structured by just one subject and one finite verb.There is only one distinct clause in the general sentence.
Example :
Saudi Arab is a developed country.
Flower is the symbol of love.

(Structure : Subject + finite verb + complement

Compound Sentence : A sentence having more than one principal clauses, linked by one or more coordinating conjunctions, preceded by a comma that is called compound sentence.


(Note: Conjunctions are used in compound sentence such as : but, by, or, etc.)

Example : 

Read books or we cannot enrich our general knowledge.

She was beautiful but dishonest.


Complex Sentence : A sentence consisting of a main clause and one or more sub-ordinate clause is a complex sentence.


(Note :Sub-ordinate clause begins with conjunction like who, which, that, when, how, where, while, if, in spite  of, because etc.)

Example :

If you come, I will go there.

In spite of being poor, he is honest.

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