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Definition of Sentence


A sentence is a word or group of words that must express a whole idea or knowledge or meaning and have a subject and a verb.




We learn English.
( Here ‘we’ is subject,  ‘learn’ is verb and ‘English’ is object.)



Note : (Also it can contain any object or supplement and the words must be correctly ordered.)


Basically, a sentence has two parts. Such as:


a) Subject ,
b) Predicate. 


* Subject :   The person or thing about which something is said or written is called the subject.



Predicate : It is called  which tells or writes about the subject.


For example — in the above example, ‘ we’ is subject and ‘learn English ‘ is predicate.



Note: A sentence usually begins with a subject  and then prediction comes.



Kinds of Sentence :


The sentence can be classified into five categories according to meaning or function.
a) Assertive sentence,
b) Interrogative sentence,
c) Imperative sentence,
d) Optative sentence and
e) Exclamatory sentence.



Assertive sentence :   An assertive sentence is a simple or general statement.



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( Structure : Subject + verb + object+ complement/adverb/adjective.



Interrogative sentence :  An interrogative sentence asks questions about a person or thing.


Example —
Are you Sharmin? 
Who are you?


(Structure : WH +auxiliary verb + subject + extention…?



[ Note: There are two ways to construct interrogative sentences.
Fastly,beginning with helping verb.
Secondly,beginning with some specific words like who, what etc which are known as ‘WH’ question. ]



Imperative sentence :   A sentence that expresses a request, order, order, advice, advice, etc., is an imperative sentence.


Example :


Go there.
Don’t run in the sun
Please,  read the form.


( Structure : Subject (Invisible) + verb + object) 



Optative sentence : Wish, desire, prayer, etc. are expressed by the Optative sentence.


Example :
May Allah bless you.
Wish you be successful in the exam.



Exclamatory sentence : Exclamation is a sentence that expresses a sudden / sudden feeling or emotion such as surprise, pain, joy, anger, hatred, etc.
Example :
Hurry!  Our solider has won in the battle fields.
Alas! He has failed the competition. 
(Structure :Alas/ Hurrah/ Bravo/+ What/ How + a/an + adjective + sub + verb!


Structure of Sentence: There are three types of sentences according to the structure. such as:

1) Simple sentence,
2) Compound sentence and
3) Complex sentence. 

Simple Sentence :The simple sentence is structured by just one subject and one finite verb.There is only one distinct clause in the general sentence.

Example :

Saudi Arab is a developed country.
Flower is the symbol of love.


(Structure : Subject + finite verb + complement

Compound Sentence : A sentence having more than one principal clauses, linked by one or more coordinating conjunctions, preceded by a comma that is called compound sentence.


 ( Note: Conjunctions are used in compound sentence such as : but, by, or, etc.)


Example : 
Read books or we cannot enrich our general knowledge.


She was beautiful but dishonest.


Complex Sentence : A sentence consisting of a main clause and one or more sub-ordinate clause is a complex sentence.


(Note :Sub-ordinate clause begins with conjunction like who, which, that, when, how, where, while, if, in spite  of, because etc.)


Example :


If you come, I will go there.


In spite of being poor, he is honest.
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