Mobile Phone : Invention, Advantages & Disadvantages

Welcome to our online community. Today, are going to discuss about the mobile phone which is very popular to the new generation.  By reading this post till the end, you can able to know the follow things.

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  • What’s the mobile phone?
  • Who is the inventor of mobile phone?
  • Why is mobile phone usage expansion?
  • Advantages of using mobile phone.
  • Disadvantages of using mobile phone.


  • Mobile phones, cellular phones, hand phones or cell phones, Wireless telephone specials. Mobile means mobile or “transferable”.

This phone has been renamed as a mobile phone that could be easily carried and used anywhere.

Because mobile phones communicate via wireless waves, it will connect seamlessly to several giant geographical areas.

Not solely talking however additionally additional services may be accessed with mobile phones.

Examples of this square measure machine-controlled electronic communication – SMS or text message services, MMS or transmission message services, e-mail services, net services, covert lighting or infra-red, blue tooth services, cameras, gaming, software.

The mobile phones that give these services and a few of the common edges of computers square measure known as sensible phones.


Dr. Martin Cooper and John Francis Mitchell, two of the Motorola companies, were given the status of the first mobile phone inventor.

They were first able to make a call via a handheld phone weighing about 1 kg on April 7.The first commercial version of the mobile phone comes to market in 1983.


The latest in modern technology is the Internet, e-mail and mobile phones. Mobile phones are one of the tools of communication.

Now- a- days, a relative does not have to sit down and write letters to relatives, friends, or anyone else, waiting for the answer to the post.

Mobile Phone Usage Expansion: – Mobile phone usage is now everywhere. The use of mobile phones has spread to all the upper and middle class families.

This device is also available at a lower price and there are also higher priced smartphones. It is being used by people of all levels as it is available at attractive and reasonable prices.

Especially for the present generation of children, its attraction has become overwhelming. Everyone thinks its use will increase even further in the future.

Reasons for the popularity of mobile phones: – Among the many reasons for the popularity of mobile phones, the most important reasons are given below. such as:

Firstly : Mobile phones have gained such popularity for fast communication.

Secondly : All kinds of people can use it because the phone can be purchased at a low price.

Thirdly : Mobile phones can be taken everywhere and are easy to use everywhere.

Fourthly: The customer can send any news to relatives, friends or any other place through low cost SMS.

Fivefth: Landline phones sometimes bring big bills.This is not the case with mobile phones.

Sixth : Mobile phones serve as a great tool for any police investigation. Other suspects’ names can be found by checking the call list of the mobile phones used by the criminals. Mobile phones are now an essential part of any criminal investigation.

Seventh : Besides, various things like news, daily news, FM radio, camera etc. are available from mobile phones on smartphone or Android phone.

Eight: Mobile phones have become a means of entertainment. such as : photos, or events or office-court circulars, memo and so on. Finally,  this system has been very effective and popular.

Nineth: The smartphone can act as a GPS device. GPS technology will provide you with your own location information. If you are a driver or visitor , you will get directions.

Tenth :Alarm Set:  Would like to go to the office in the morning but you are always late, alarms are the problem. In advanced technology, setting the alarm does not require a table clock which helps to get up at the right time.

Disadvantages of using a smartphone:

1. Expensive:  Recently,  mobile phone is  enough come to market, which is very expensive and people are spending money on these sets.

2. Health problems:  Smartphones can have a negative impact on our health. Overuse of smartphones can lead to various health problems. Such as brain problems, cancer, eye problems etc.

3. Data theft: Your device contains personal photos, videos or files. Other people can easily steal your photos and videos. Copying data from one device to another is easy on Android mobile phones but iOS operating system has little security.

4. Disadvantages of reading:  At present, students are most affected by the use of smart phones. Studies show that students spend most of their time on smartphones.

5. Distance from loved ones:  With social media constantly busy, we distance ourselves from friends, family and other relatives. This creates distance from loved ones.

6. Privacy:  We always post photos, videos, minds on social media through smartphones. As a result, our privacy is not maintained.

7. Fear of losing :  The mind is always careful whether the cellphone is always in the right place.

8. The light of the eye :  Excessive use of the cellphone can lead to vision impairment. This can cause myopia or poor vision problems

Conclusion: – Mobile phones have given us a lot of flexibility in our life journey, improved communication system. But the loss is immense. So, we all must be more careful about it.

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