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How To Start Wordpress Blog | Blog Meaning Fast Online Solution

Introduction :  We live in the age of technology. By the help of technology, we are able to develop in all aspects of life. Blogging is one of them. Infact,  if you would like to know more about blog, you are the right place. 


Table of  Content  ————-

  • The meaning of Blog,
  • What’s blog? 
  • Types of blog,
  •  How to create blog website?
  •  How to get visitor from google platform? 


Blog meaning :   The meaning of blog is online notebook or digital dairy. Blog is short form of “Weblog”. However, blog is regularly web page that one control  by an individual or small group .


What is Blog :  A blog is the way to express and share creative power knowledge, skills, experiance and motivate to others on the digital journal or dairy through internet. 


So, blog means expression of the knowledge, experience, emotions , ideas and motivation etc. It’s the best medium to share all things around the world.


A blog reffers to an informative  site which is update frequently  by the help of domain & hosting. Nowadays, the number of blogs are increasing rapidly in the world.


Blog is the passion,  blog is the life, blog is the career all are  depended on you. At present, it becomes the source of living for many bloggers platform like wordpress, blogger etc. 


Types of Blog :  At the time of creating a blo, it’s so important to choose type of blog. You should try to choose the right type of blog so that you can get successful in blogging. In this article,  we ‘ll show the type of blog. 


There are differents types of blog. We ‘ll try to help you to choose your best type of blog. Moreover,  As an ideal blogger, everyone should gather basic knowledge about blog. 


  • Personal Blog
  • Personal Brand Blog
  • Personal Services Blog
  • Technical Blog
  • Niche  Blog
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Guest Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Case Study Blog
  • Podcast  Blog        


Let’s go to know about the digital “Weblog”  attentively. 


[1]  Personal blog :  A personal blog means expression only his/ her personal knowledge, informations, ideas & passion share on the digital notebook through internet. 

They try to attract  the kind of audience who like to know same interests and build a community around the world.  


[2]  Personal Brand blog :   Here blog focuses the brand. The author run the digital platform with skillful activists like leader, speaker and techer within a specific niche. 

We would keep in mind that personal brand blog mainly are used for consulting, coaching & guidance etc.


[3]   Personal Services blog :   Nowadays personal services blog are being more populous in the online world. It focuses various services  those are offered on the weblog. 

 Basically, these offer great local services like loan car, housesitting &  affiliate link etc. They are successful by getting their enough local audience. 


 [4]   Technical blog  :  Technical blog is very useful to the audience. It’s  a great way share an expertise powerful & skillful knowledge. 

By creating various technical articles or tutorials, they can able to make a project  to their vauable audience. At present, this type of blog is being popular day by day. 


[5]  Niche blog :    Recently,   many author are runing  niche blog.  A niche blog focuses on the specific subject.  The blog may be single or broad niche.  

There are very popular niches. such as —–

  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Food
  • Recipe
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Sports
  • Religion. 

By starting a niche blog, the author express & share useful information, experience and ideas which help to attract  the audience  rapidly.

After developing the blog site with the valuable audience, they can able to start a small business. 


[6]   Affiliate blog :   Affiliate blog refers mainly product reviews. The blogger always try to reviews best & demanded products from affiliate market like Amazon. 

For attracting the audience, the author shows various necesseries products  friends & family.  By calling action the audience,  they can get lead generation that means list of email.  


[7]  Guest blog  : Guest blog means content of the blog are written by  the guest writers. Usually, they are so experts in this field.

By writting & publishing the guest post,  they also help to  bring the valuable audience. Naturally,  the guest writers don’t hiare to write contents like “Quora”. 


[8]   Business blog  :   A business blog is a blog  where publish internal and external online digital business informations, article , video tutorial  related company for the audience to know frequently. 

A business blog may also be called as corporate weblog. At present, this type of blog are starting rapidly around the world.   


[9]   Case Study blog  :    A case study blog means test blog by which can analyse information to get known real situation. 

By analysing the situations, it helps to have real information in oder to succeed for the audience. The author should be shown  what work, what doesn’t work and how.  Thus , the test has to share & relevant to  the audience for attracting them.


[10]     Podcast blog  :   A podcast blog means where upload audio, video or both to supply any platform with summary, link, descriptions  of podcast to the audience. 

The podcast post are like interviews, training and chat etc. Nowadays, this type of blog are successful by clicking   enough audience. 


How to start a blog on wordpress :     Do you would like to learn how to start a blog?  Thank you very much that you are right place. By reading this valuable post, you can able to build up a professional blog. 

Best Guides For The Biginners To Start Wordpress Blog :  As a new blogger, you may not have enough knowledge to create a website or blog. Therefore, we try to show you how to create a blog step by step  properly and easily. 


  •  Search & find useful resources  related blog 
  • Choose the best niche   
  • Choose the best platform 
  •  Select the best ” domain ” name 
  •  Choose the best “hosting” server
  •  Start a blog on wordpress
  •  Choose & install the best “theme”
  •  Activate the best “plugins”
  •  Write the best content 
  •  Promote the blog 
  • Completing search engine optimization.   

A blog can help us expression of knowledge, ideas, emotions, inform, educate, sell and so on. That’s why, blog’s popularities are increasing day by day rapidly. 

By the help of blog , we can able to enhance our writting and thinking skill.  However, it helps to be expertised  and increseased self confidence naturally. Let’s start to learn how to create a wordpress blog fairly.


[1]  Search & find useful resources related blog :   As a new blogger , we should search and find useful information related blog through internet. To search valuable information about blog related Google can  help us enough. Search information from google


[2]  Choose the best niche :    If we would like to prove us as a successful blogger,  at first we must  find out our niche. Niche means which product or topic would you like to work such as : travel,  food and technology etc. 

There are two types of niche blog usually. They are [#]  single niche  [#]   broad niche. 

Single niche blog : A single niche blog means where are written post on one topic related such as travel. It’s also popular on globally today. 

We should keep in mind that no need more niche to succeed on blog. Content is the key to succeed on blog. 


Broad niche blog : A broad niche blog means where are witten post more than one topic related such as travel, technology, sports etc. It’s very popular to bloggers around the world today. 


[3]  Choose the best platform :   In this situation, you have to choose platform for blogging . There are many favoruties blogger  platform which is mentioned following gradually. 


Select the best blogging platform  :   As a new digital author ,  you must have to select the best blogging platform which is easy to set up &  doesn’t require any coding  skill. 

Many of new bloggers almost  mistake to select the right platform. As a result,  they need to suffer a tons.

However, we recommend you select the best platform  of “wordpress “. Because of creating a wordpress blog,  you can able to set up easily  with a lot of plugins.  


[4]  Select the best ” domain” name :   Domain is the address name of website. Therefore,  we have to be more careful at the time of selecting ” domain ” name.  

First of all,  we have to keep in mind  and ask ourself “what’s our niche?  

Secondly, Find simple, meaningful and beautiful names. A simple, meaningful and beautiful name that people can easily remember.

A simple name is as easy to say as it is easy to write. So, find beautiful names that are beautiful and easily pronounced like

Don’t  use numbers in the domain name, as this will make the domain name not look professional and not very acceptable to people as a brand. Therefore, avoid using number at the time of choosing domain name.

Thirdly, What will be the type of domain extension? 

Is your domain name looking for a business purpose? Or looking to open a social service or educational website?

Here are some popular domain extensions

.Com  [ Usually select the purpose of organisation or business. ]    

.Org  [ Usually select the purpose of social service organisation. ]    

. Net  [ Usually select the purpose of internet service provider organisation.  ]     

.Gov  [ Usually select the purpose of government organisation. ] 

.Edu. [ Usually selected the purpose of educational institution.  ]  

.Inf  [ Usually Select the purpose of information site. ] 


Finally,  while choosind domain or brand name, we can take ” tools” helping like which suggests different  domain names with various brand names.

By the help of namemesh tools,  we can get a lot of ideas directly in selecting a domain name.  


[ 5]  Choose the best “hosting ” server :  Hosting is the home address name of website where are all file like images , videos & contents saved online. 


  • How to choose the best hosting : ———

The biggest factor behind the success of a website is webhosting. Choosing the best WordPress hosting will play a important  role in our search engine optimization.    

It can also increase the number of sales of our product. If you look around, we will see that there are many types of hosting such as free, shared, VPS, dedicated and managed WordPress hosting.

In this tutorial, we will help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your website.

* What must be in WordPress hosting? 

You may be surprised to hear that WordPress is a very lightweight scriptTherefore, it can adapt to almost all hosting. Even then, there must be some things as follows:

  • PHP version 6 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher

For the popularity of WordPress, various web hosting companies offer the opportunity to install scripts with one click.

To keep in mind when choosing a WordPress hosting provider Speed, security and reliability are important factors to consider when choosing your WordPress hosting.

Basically, “what you want” is that the most vital thing. Buying WordPress hosting consistent with your needs can save your money.

What kind of WordPress hosting do you need?

As we said before, you have all kinds of web hosting services in front of you. For example: Free Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Managed Hosting. We will discuss each topic then you choose according to your need.

Free WordPress hosting  :  Yes, free hosting does exist. But every free hosting has some demerits .The worst part is that you never know when they will shut down your site. At any cost if you are careful with your website. So,  we suggest you stop using free hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting  : Shared hosting is very popular for beginners. Because it’s affordable and a pretty good choice to get started. Shared hosting is a huge server on which numerous small websites are connected.

Providers can offer hosting at a very low cost as they can host many sites on one server. We should keep in mind is that the only shared web hosting for small bloggers or websites is a good start.

WordPress VPS hosting  : Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to a virtual machine. It’s a separate server that divides the pc into multiple servers consistent with the requirements of individual clients.

Even though it is shared with other users, it will still bring you the fun of a dedicated.  It is great for blogs, designers or developers with medium traffic.

WordPress Dedicated Hosting  : Dedicated web hosting is now used for all types of business. With a good dedicated server hosting you can give millions of visitors the opportunity to browse your website. With dedicated hosting, you can control everything.

Managed WordPress hosting :  If the hosting company itself installs and manages all the operating systems or software, then it is called managed hosting.

However,  the hosting company may need to pay  from  50 to 100 dollars to manage. During this case, you are doing not need to worry. Your hosting company is liable for keeping your WordPress optimization secure.

Now we can decide easily  what type of hosting  have to choose. 


[6]  Start a blog on wordpress :   After selecting domain and hosting,  we have to install wordpress. Complete installing wordpress ,  our blog is ready to start blogging. 


[7]  Choose & install the best theme  :  By installing wordpress,  you have to choose a free or custom theme for your blog site. When you would have done installation wordpress, you can see dashboard where have various tools. 

 From the wordpress dashboard, you can select theme for your blog site. Some themes are used for general purpose but many themes are designed to optimize specific purpose.   

However,  You have to be sure  that the theme you choice is responsive and dynamic. 


[8]  Activate the best plugins :    Wordpress is the best plugin platform around the world. By adding valuable plugins like AMP, Elementor, the yoast seo etc, you can degined and developed your blog site successfully.  


[9]  Write the best content :  Content is the key to success. Without writting a creative, unique and  powerful text, you can’t able to succeed on blog. As a new blogger, everyone should more emphasis on witting useful content. 


[ 10 ]   Promote the blog  :   As a new blogger,  we have to face lack of enough traffic for our website.  Because,  without having enough traffic,  we never be succeeded on blog. 

So,  traffic is called the soul of blog. Only by witting useful contents, a blogger cannot get enough traffic. Therefore,  we have to promote our blog in different ways.

Now  we are ready to discuss you how to promote your blog the world best process of promoting  ways following as : 

Email :    To promote our blog with email marketing, we have to emphasis more & more to get organic traffic from email list.  As a wordpress blogger,  you can install plugin like list builder, scroll box etc.  


Community :  To promote the blog with community,blogger should answer of the question with link post of the blog. By creating new account,  a blogger can promote the blog site. 


Social media :   To  promote the blog, social media can help to get organic traffic successfully. There are a lot of social media such as :  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,linkedin etc. 


[ 11 ]  Completing search engine optimization :

By completing search engineoptimization,  a beginner can get brough many traffic from pogram like Google.       


Conclusion :    A blog is the digital identification of a person or organisation. So,  As a beginner,  blogging platform  is  a difficult decision. Infact, wordpress is the best blogging Platform.                 

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