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Google Account: Best Support Methods To Create New Gmail ID

Google is the most popular and useful  online platform in the world . Today, It’s known to all. However, we all need a gmail (email) account to use google products such as: Gmail, Google Duc and Google Calender etc.

In this lesson, you could learn the following things. Such as:

  • What’s Gmail?
  • What’s Email?
  • What’s the different between gmail & email?    
  • Why need everyone to create a gmail accoun?    
  • What’s the benefits & difficulties  of gmail in modern life?
  • How to create a gmail account simply ? 
  • How to keep your gmail account safe? 

Let’s go to start learning gradually about gmail.

What’s Gmail : Gmail is a free email service which is developed by google. Googe mail is the full form of gmail.

What’s Email : E-mail  is a digital message that is sent primarily through a computer network between one user to another.

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What’s the different between gmail & email?

Gmail is one of them email service. This means that Google is providing you email service through GMail.

Actually, there is no difference between email and gmail.

Email is an Internet-based postal system. Gmail is a Google-operated email system. Email is available in many companies, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Similarly, the email managed by Google is Gmail.


Why need everyone to create a gmail accoun?    

Today we need an email ID for any work whether online or offline. You are thinking of making money online, shopping online, opening a facebook account or giving biodata for a job and so on. Everywhere, you need to have an email account.


What’s the benefits & disbenefits of gmail ID? 

The benefits of gmail is so many in the modern life. Some of the benefits of gmail is mentioned following as:

  • Information can be easily exchanged through e-mail from one place to any place in the world.
  • E-mail can be sent at any time from home.
  • Emails can be sent to different people from one e-mail account.
  • Correspondence can be exchanged very quickly through e-mail as soon as there is a delay in exchanging a letter by post and courier service.
  • There is no fear of losing information or arriving late.
  • Currently, e-mail is required to verify the user to open an account for any purpose.


Difficulties in using e-mail : The difficulties  of gmail is also in the modern life. Some of the difficulties of gmail is mentioned following as:

  • Many times email accounts are hacked and information can be stolen. In that case, various types of harassment, including loss of privacy, may have to be acknowledged.


  • Every day for business you have to send offer based emails to many customers or for lead generation and sales promotion.
  • In that case, if you use a free email service, most of the emails go to the spam box. Then you can avoid this problem by taking paid hosting or email hosting service of different hosting companies.

  • It is not possible to exchange e-mail from one place to another without internet connection, mobile, laptop, computer and digital device.

How to create a gmail account easily?

Let’s go to start creating a Gmail ID. To create gmail id your need username , age, mobile number, smartphone or computer with internet connection.     

First of all, go to the gmail website on your computer or smartphone web browser. Go to the gmail website —- and then follow the steps below.

Step – 1: Go to google account dashboard. If you do not already have a gmail account to login , you have to create new gmail account.  We will create the account, let’s go here. If English language  is selected, it will show Create account. how to create gmail id

Step- 2: After clicking Create account , you can see two options following the picture.Just click for me or For myself. Then click next…..

how to create gmail id


Step-3: Now you can able to see a gmail account form. Fulfill the form with right informations as following the picture. The username is basically your Gmail ID. It has to be unique.

how to create gmail id-2

Two fields of password. The second blank to be sure.Typing did not go wrong. The blank must be filled with a password of at least 6 letters, including two strong letters, numbers and symbols. It’s something you have to remember, but can’t tell anyone.

Step-4:  After fulfilling the above form, just click next. The next step is to give the phone number. You must have the number. Because it will come with a message, where there will be a code.

how to create gmail id-3
The next step is to write the code that came in the message on the phone. Verify your account by giving the code.

Step-5: Some more information in this step. See, phone number has been requested again. The previous number was for verification.


Now you can give the number if you want. However, you should give the number, if you forget the password later, the number can be useful. If you already have an email account, you can enter it in the e-mail box to restore the account.

Step-6: These two are optional. But your birthday and gender must be keep in the blank  .

Step-7: Google will let you know their terms and condition.   When you scroll down, click the  “I agree” button.

how to create gmail id-4


Step-8: Finally , our email has already been created successfully.

How to create gmail id-5
How to create gmail id-5


How to keep your gmail account safe?

In the age of technolog,  a gmail account creates more easier than keeping safe from hacker. Therefor,  we should follow some important rules to keep safe our “Gmail or Email ID”.  Anyway, we must follow the following rules properly as:


Step – 1: Go to After going to my google account dashboard , you might login your account.Google account security

Step-2:  When you go Your google account dashboard , you can see  ” the security” tab.  Click “the security” tab which is on the left side of the  menu.Google account security


Step-3:  Active “2-step verification . By activating 2-step verification, you can able to keep safe successfully.   

When you login from a new device , every time google will send to you a security code or confirmation message for safety.  After receiving the security code , you have to submit to approve in order to be signed in successful.Google account security


Step – 4: Choose a secure pin. Every smart user must emphasize to set up a secure pin. When you choose a pin, must select a random symbol. Never choose your name, brith date or part of mobile number.  Choose a secure pin


Step – 5 : Set up a recovering mobile number & e-mail .  By setting up a recovery mobile number and email , a user can get permission to access if  anyone forget  his/ her password.


It can help to control  your account from hacker.  By changing your password, you can keep your account safe. By setting up a recovery number and email , you can change your password fairly. Set up a recovery number & email


Step – 6 : To prevent any kinde of  difficulties your account, try to ensure keeping all software up to date.


Step – 7 :   Add  a screen lock to keep your account safe from friends and hackers. It can help to protect your account ,if your device is stolen or damaged unfortunately.

Step – 8 : Take a support google help center . If you have face any problem of your gmail, you should take a support from google help center.


Conclution: To get access all of products of “Google”,  you must have to keep your gmail account safe from hacker. By following the above important rules , anyone can save his/her account safe fairly.     

Thank you very much for reading this important article which is based on gmail accoun. If you have any question , you can frequently comment below.

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