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Glo Nigeria All Internet Packages Code Daily Weekly Monthly Update

Glo all “Call, SMS & Internet” Packages are like : Daily, Weekly & Monthly in Nigeria. However, you’ll easily find and compare all “Glo” latest packages here.

Glo Nigeria Internet PackagesGlobacom  offers various internet packages.

Glo Nigeria Daily & Weekly Super Data Plan :

Price Data Plans Bonus Validity Dial
N50 45MB 5MB  1 Day *777#
N100 115MB 35MB 1 Day *777#
N200 240MB 110MB 2 Days *777#
N500 800MB 550MB 14 Days

# To activate any of the above internet package, Just dial *777# & select the best package. 


Glo Nigeria Monthly Super Data Plans :

Price Data Plans Bonus Validity Dial
N1000 1.9GB 1 GB 30 days *777#
N1,500 3.5GB 600MB 30 days *777#
N2000 5.2GB 600MB 30 days *777#
N2,500 6.8GB 900MB 30 days *777#
N3000 9GB 1GB 30 days *777#
N4000 12.25GB 1GB 30 days *777#
N5000 17GB 1.25GB 30 days *777#
N8000 27.5GB 2GB 30 days *777#
N10,000 46GB 4GB 30 days
N15000 86GB 7GB 30 days *777#
N18000 109GB 10GB 30 days *777#
N20000 126GB 12GB 30 days *777#

# To activate any of the Glo pack, Just dial  *777# & follow the instructions. 

Night bonus : 12am to 5am


Glo Nigeria Special Data Plans :

Price Data Plans Bonus Validity Dial
N300 1GB   – 1 Day *777#
N500 2GB   – 2 Days *777#
N1500 7GB 7 Days *777#
N25 250MB Night 1 Day *777#
N50 500MB Night 1 Day *777#
N100 1GB Night 5 Days *777#

How can I subscribe my Glo data plan in Nigeri?

Answer : You can subscribe Glo data plan by dialing    *777#  & follow the preferred data plan.  Or SMS Menu : to 127 

How can I check my Glo data balance easily? 

Answer : You can check your Glo data balance by dialing *777# or  *127*0#. SMS — info to 127. 

  • Borrow Me Data Plans : 

 1]  What’s the borrow me data service? 

Answer :  Borrow me data service give accessibility to the customers who are eligible to request for bundle balance at the time their data bundles are over or unable to activate subscription lack of enough balance.

  2]  Who are eligible for this service? 

Answer : This service is eligible who are the ages of customer at least 3 months on Glo and will need a good usage history.

3]  How does a customer  get this service? 

Answer : A customer can get this service by dialing *321# After dialing, a user will get a message with the amounts of eligible to borrow.

Price Data Validity USSD CODE
N50 35+5MB 1 Day *321#
N100 95+35MB 1 Day *321#
N200 200+100MB 2 Days *321#
N500 650+550MB 14 Days *321#
N1000 1.6+1GB 30 Days *321#
N2000 4.4GB+600MB 30 Days *321#
  • Night data time :   12am to 5am

4]  Can A customer  call local or internationally  with the borrow me data? 

Answer : No, only a user can use the loan of data to browsing & downloading.

5] A customer requested to borrow me data but got a notification, you aren’t eligible? 

Answer : It may cause due to two reasons. Firstly,  the customer are joined with Glo network less than 4 months. Secondly, you may be unpaid loan. Before applying again, you must have to pay this first.

  • Glo Data Sharing :

Now Glo network allows to share  your data with your friends & family . You can share data plan with a maximum of 5 persons.You can share your data balance by following the specific rules.

  • To add people for sharing data, Just dial  *127*01* ( friend number) #
  • For example : *127*01*0805

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