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Etisalat 9Mobile Nigeria All Internet Packages Code Daily Weekly Monthly Update

9Mobile all “Call, SMS & Internet” Packages are like: Daily, Weekly & Monthly in Nigeria. However, you’ll easily find and compare all “9Mobile” latest packages here.

9mobile all internet packages code daily weekly monthly update
Credit goes to 9Mobile

Etisalat Internet Packages : 9Mobile Nigeria offers various attractive internet packages.

9 Mobile Daily & Weekly  Internet Packages :

  Price   Data  Validity Activation Code   
  N50   25MB   1 Day   *229*3*8#
  N100   100MB   1 Day   *229*3*1#
  N200   250   7 Days   *229*2*10#
  N200   650MB   1 Days   *229*3*2#
  N300   1GB   1 Day   *229*3*3#
  N500   1GB   7 Days   *229*2*1#
  N500    2GB   3 Days   *229*3*4#
  N1500   7GB   7 Days    *229*2*2#


9Mobile Monthly Internet Packages :

  Price    Data  Validity Activation Code   
  N500   500MB  30Days   *229*2*12#
  N1000   1.5GB 30 Days   *229*2*7#
  N1200   2GB 30 Days   *229*2*25#
  N1500   3GB 30 Days   *229*2*3#
  N2000   4.5GB 30 Days   *229*2*8#
  N4000   11GB 30 Days   *229*2*36#
  N5000   15GB 30 Days   *229*2*37#
  N10,000   40GB 30 Days    *229*4*1#
  N15,000   75GB 30 Days    *229*2*4#


9Mobile Quaterly, Bi-Annual & Yearly Internet Packages : 

 Price   Data  Validity  Activation Code   
 N25000   75GB  90 Days   *229*5*1#
 N50,000   165GB 180 Days   *229*5*2#
 N100,000   365GB  365 Days   *229*5*3#


9Mobile Night / Weekend Data Plans : 

 Price   Data  Validity Activation Code   
 N200   1GB   1Day   *229*3*11#
 N1000   2GB   30 Days   *229*2*8#
 N2000   5GB  30 Days   *229*3*13#

# Night time : 12am/ 7pm to 5am / 7am

  • 9Mobile Smart Pack  :

9Mobile Smart Pack offers various attractive data packages. It offers 3 types of internet packages for their light users. There are social pack, video pack and chat pack .

Social Pack : Allow unlimited use to Whatsapp, Facebook ,  Messanger etc. It’s cost  N300 for per week.

Video Pack : Allow unlimited streaming video from any app. It’s cost N400 for 2 hours.

Chat Pack : Allow unlimited  chatting to Whatsapp, Facbook, Twitter & Messager etc. It’s cost N50 per day and N150 for a week.

To activate any of the smartpack, just dial *200# and follow the instructions.

  • Sharing Data Plans 

Can A user share his data from one 9mobile to another 9mobile user? 

Answer : Yea! 9mobile user can share data. A customer can share maximum 200MB data at a time  and maximum  100MB can shared in a day.  To share data follow the following ways.

Dial *229* pin* amount of MB * recipient number#

For example :




1GB data just N500. To get this special offer, just dial *609*3#. This plan validity is for 14 days.

1GB + Steaming data just N700. To get this special offer, just dial   *609*4#. The pan validity is for 14 days


How will I  check my Etisalat data balance? 

Answer : Now I am going to show you how to check your 9mobile data balance. To check your data balance easily just dial  *228# or *232# or SMS BAL   to  228. 

After clicking above the code, the system will display automatically on Your mobile screen successfully.

Some Useful Code :  

Etisalat 9Mobile Short Useful Code
Balance *228#
Sim details *132#
Service Number *111#
Miss call activation *346#

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