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English Alphabet ( Vowel & Consonant)

Welcome to our online baby learning school. If you would like to look for how to learn English alphabet  correctly, you are right place and this post is just for you.

The modern English alphabet may be a latin alphabet consisting of twenty six letters. Each of letter has large and small hand-shaped forms. It originated from the Latin script.

What’s the letter?

The symble is used to write the language or sentence called the letter. Such as: a,b,c…….y,z.

What’s the alphabet?

The sum of all letters are  called alphabet. Such as : a…. to z.

What are the letters of the English alphabet?

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. They can be divided into two as consonants and vowels.

There are only a few vowel in the complete alphabet: A, E, I, O and U are vowel. Sometimes Y is also considered as vowel. Simply put, every English word will have at least one vowel.

It is important to know the alphabet to increase the reading skills. It creates more confident in the English language.

Before learning how to quickly learn the English alphabet, look at the capital letters and small letters below, including the pronunciation of the alphabet.

Capital —  Small ——- Pronunciation

A  —–              a ——–       (Ay)

 B —–               b ——-        ( Bee)

 C —–                c ——-         (Cee)

 D —–               d ——-          ( dee)

 E ——                e ——-          (Ee)

 F ——                f ——            ( Aff)

 G —–                 g —–            ( Gee)

 H —–                 h —–            ( Ay-tch)

 I ——                 i   —–            ( Eye)

 J ——                 j ——             ( Jay

 K ——                k —–             (Kay)

 L ——                l ——            ( Ell)

 M —–                m —-            ( Em)

 N ——                n ——           ( En)

 O ——                o ——            ( Oh)

 P ——-                p ——            (Pee)

 Q ——-               q ——            ( ku)

 R ——                 r ——             (Are)

 S ——                 s ——-             (Ess)

 T ——                 t ——-              (Tee)

 U ——                 u ——-             (You)

 V ——                 v ——-             (Vee)

 W —–                w ——-     (Double- you)

  X —–                 x ——-              ( Ex)

 Y ——                 y ——                ( Why)

 Z ——                 z ——                (Zet)


Study tips ———

Some letters match one another with a similar sound.  There are unit some pattern within the English alphabet . If you are able to remember the rhythm, there will come a time when you will be able to pronounce each syllable easily.

The sounds of A, J and K are almost the same. The pronunciation of each letter ends with “ay”.

The letters B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V and Z end with the sound of “ee”.

Y is pronounced somewhat like I, but at the beginning of Y a slight “w” sounds.

At the end of Q, U and W, there is an “u” sound.

The letters F, L, M, N, S and X begin with the soft “a or e” sound.

Only the letters H, O, and R cannot be grouped according to any of the above sounds. As a result, you have to remember them separately.

Try to practice with each letter word, not just memorize letters. It can be very difficult to practice each character separately.

Besides, your accent doesn’t seem to mean anything. But if you use the letter with one word, it will also come in handy in real life conversations.

Also, sometimes you will notice that the letters used in a word are differently influenced by the surrounding characters.

For example, the sound of C can be as loud as K or as soft as S. Simply memorizing the rules will make it seem confusing to you. It is better if a few words starting with C can be seen. Such as – cut (loud K sound) and cell (soft S sound).

Practice with the words below. Then find out some more words that will help you to learn the English alphabet. It will also tell you how to pronounce letters in different words.

A: Allah, Ant, Art

B: Bismillah, Boom, Big

C: Capital, Cut, Coat

D: Drive, Dhaka, Do

E: English , Egg, End

F: Feel, Find, Five

G: Go, Girl, Guest

H: Horse, How, Has

I: Ice-cream, Illegal , Inside

J: Jump, Jug, Just

K: King, Keep, Know

L: Listen, Learn, Letter

M: Madina, Mother, Makka

N: Next, Nothing, No

O: October , Ocean, Order

P: Park, Pearl, Per

Q: Queen, Question, Quilt

R: Run, Read, Roll

S: Sweet, Supper, Spider

T: Truth, Tooth, Tall

U: Union , Use, User

V: Vanish , Van, Very

W: Water, We,Win

X: Exit, Extra, X-ray

Y: Yes, you, Year

Z: Zebra, , Zip, Zoom

Hopefully, these tips will help you be more confident about the English alphabet. Take a moment to read each resource well.

A special step in your education system is to learn the English alphabet correctly. By using these study tips, you will be able to pronounce the alphabet naturally.

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