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Definition of Family & Why The Family Is So Important?

Definition :  The family is the name of a well-maintained garden filled with love and affection and emotionalism where each member gets enough opportunity to develop his characteristic qualities.

  • Why the family is so important in life?

By enriching the moral qualities, they make the surrounding environment fascinated, aromatic.

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Family is the cornerstone of human society. Human civilization can not be imagined as a decay of family life.


Every man’s family life is essential to his existence. The peace, stability, progress of the society depends largely on family well-being and stability.


If family life becomes sick and troublesome, it causes breakdowns and disasters.Then there are no bound to be sadness  and misery in the society.


Family is the foundation of a welfare society. Thus, the essential condition for the formation of an ideal society is the formation of an ideal family.

From the beginning of human life, the family system had  been operating on earth.

Our family is the center of development of human life. The first and largest humanitarian organization in human life is the family. The rules of creation are mainly made up of blood related people.

A child’s family consists of a moral life. Later on, as he grew up, he found himself in a society or state. He also plays a role in the development of the family, society and the state in his own capacity. That is why family and family structures are very important for the individual and the state.

Family is considered one of the most important social foundations. A family in a family enjoys the highest benefits of society through mutual respect, goodwill, solidarity and strong bond of love.


The family is the first and greatest school of a human being. Just as there are some rules governing the state, there are rules for families.


Creating goodwill with everyone in the family, maintaining worldly discipline, not lying, respecting elders, returning home at certain times, completing one’s own tasks and developing hearts through the study of human values.


Children learn the virtues of bonding to a strong human bond through social behaviors, mutual respect for everyone, laughter, joy and sad sharing. That is why the family is regarded as the basic cornerstone of society.

Every parent dreams about having children, teaching their children to dream about the future.

Most of the families who are indifferent to the child, who are not doing their due duty to the child, cause many problems in the society, including living a turbulent, immoral life. Most of them are ‘rich class’ and ‘poor slum.’

Among them, religion, religious  values, practices of religious culture, family understanding, mutual obligations, without saying.

Parents are not as aware now, they are just looking  after money. The sole or main purpose is to establish a child in the society. Religion and morality have become secondary.

They are busy thinking about career development and promotion. They  do not have time to give for children , children do not listen.

The family is an institution from which the guidance of a future life develops. Since the civilization, people have been living as family members as a social organism. Therefore, the role of the family is very important in the creation of society

Parents, siblings, spouses, soul relations with everyone. Everyone in the family is worried about getting sick. Everyone is happy with the good news. This is our family.

Due to the proliferation of industries, the men and women of the western countries are making money. In this, their interests and family ties to the family are almost relaxed.

The situation has reached such a level that various events, including neglect  for marriage, divorce are taking place.

Many children are also forced to suffer the helplessness of a fatherless life.In addition, many children are forced to spend a large part of their day in day care centers.


Husband and wife should guide their children through mutual consultation.

Accountability everyone should be given sufficient time, besides teaching the duties, rights of the creator , servant rights, mutual sympathy, sincerity truthfulness and morality etc. Gap is not right for a child.

Excessive affection, excessive boring , where the child goes without any respect, with whom to associate, that is, to keep track of the friend circle. Most friends are dangerous more and more, it has a lot of brown eyes.

The devastation of the sky culture and drug has made the family base very problematic.

Because, the level of brutal violence has reached such a level today that the father, the child, the father and the mother are being strangled to death.

Our children must be educated from the family by teaching them honesty, integrity, truthfulness, respect for each other, manners and rules.

What is moral education? : Moral education refers to the development of good behavior which will make the person feel good and bad and make him or her acceptable to most people in society.

The moral education that teaches people to distinguish between good and evil and teaches them to behave in a manner that is acceptable and desired by most people.

All of these moral qualities are truthfulness, courage, hard work, grace, compassion, justice, willpower, patience or restraint, insight, foresight, tolerance ,ambition, brotherhood, patriotism, etc.

To teach the child moral education in the family since it is the responsibility of the parents to form the morality of the child, every parent should have the necessary knowledge about this before marriage or before the child is born.

We really think the task of child rearing is so light. Therefore, we don’t feel the need to do anything special about it.

But there is a saying that,
The grass is simply the grass
The animal is easily the animal
Humans are trying hard, but human beings are. “

Earlier women were provided with family, child rearing and other practical education. As a result, she was born from all the families of the nation, a world-renowned knowledgeable virtue.


Preparatory education is needed to run this important institution called family. The aspects to be taken in this regard are:

1. To create a beautiful and conducive environment for the family to teach the baby.

2. Making the family an attractive center of devotion and love.

3. The rearing of the baby should be given the highest importance in the family.

4. Along with the parents, the best education should be provided by the best talented teachers in the area.

5. First of all, parents have to model themselves as children.

6. To perform proper duties towards the family.

7. Occasionally training meetings with daily  / weekly / monthly family members are required.

8. Give your child more companionship.

9. The system of efforts to reform family members is- (a) teaching in good language (b) necessary governance (c) forgiveness.

10. The child needs to develop a good circle of friends.


Recently, Kate Wills told the Queen of Britain that she prioritized motherhood over the day’s work. The Queen replied, “Yes, that’s the best thing.”

  • Conclusion:  —      The importance of families is immense in country and culture. The family is called the mirror of society and state.


  • The role and responsibility of the family is especially important in the social development of the state.

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