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Check Iqama Expiry Date Or Validity | Fast Online Solution

By visiting the official website of MOl [ Ministry of Interior ] in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an expertriate can check iqama validity  or expiration date easily.   

However,  as an expertriare or worker,  you may be needed to check your iqama expiration date. If you would like to check your iqama perfectly,  just follow the following steps gradually.   


[ 1 ]   Click here simply : https://www.moi.gov.sa


[ 2 ]  Now select language “English or Arabic”   from the left top of the page. Check Iqama valadity fast online solution


[ 3 ] After selecting language, you have to enter your iqama number or identification number and date of birth in the first box. Iqama number fast online solution


[ 4 ]  Choose the date of birth from the calendar  “Hijri” or “Gregorian.  Date of birth fast online solution


[ 5 ] By choosing the date of birth,  enter the verification code   and then click on ” Next “. Verification code fast online solution


[ 6 ]  In this page, you can see all informations  as ” your name , date of birth, iqama number,  iqama expiration date and mobile number etc. 


Thus way, You can check your iqama expiration date successfully.    


Another best way iqama check :  You can also check  about the validity and expiration date of Iqama without creating an absher account.

Now we are going to share with you the method  which is also quite simple and provides the expiration date of Gregorian and Hijri dates.

You should have a bank account for this procedure. We show by  “The Bank Tahweel  Al Rajhi” account. However, the process is almost the same for all other banks

If you have a “Tahweel Al Rajhi Bank” account or Al Ahli Bank” account , you can check the Iqama in the following way.

  • [ 1]  Step —-  Login to the bank account by providing the username and password.


  • [ 2 ] Step —– After a successful login, click “more”under the home section on the right.Check iqama with tahweel fast online solution


  • [ 3 ]  Step —– On the “more” page, click on the ID ‘ Update ID Expiry Date ’.Iqma check by tahweel fast online solution


  • [ 4 ]  Step ——  The next window will show you  the Iqama expiration date in Gregorian / Hijri. Iqama check fast online solution

Thus way, You can check your iqama expiration date successfully.    

Thank you very much. If you think this article is useful, you can share it on social media. Infact,  if you face any kind of problem,  you can comment regarding below.

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