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Mothers often ask some questions in the chamber or in the hospital, sir, my baby does not eat anything! Can I feed him? My baby is getting very dry! Sir, he is 6 months old now, can he be fed Serilak or pot milk ?

When it comes to baby food, we can be divided  baby food in two. such as :

1. Up to 6 months after birth
2. After the baby is 6 months old


1. Up to 6 months after birth:   At this time only mother’s milk is used. However, there are some rules for breast feeding this mother.

The mother must sit down and breast feed. It is n’t better to feed milk while lying down. When feeding while sitting, make sure that the baby is as close to the mother as possible and breastfeed for at least 15-20 minutes.

After feeding, it is better to massage the baby’s back and lift the baby’s belly. This reduces the gas in the baby’s stomach.

Mothers must ask a few questions at this time, can I feed the baby something else? My baby does not get breast milk properly!

We should not give a drop of water to the baby without breast milk. I try to explain to the mother, if your baby drinks mother’s milk and urinates 6 times a day, then he will understand that he is getting mother’s milk properly.

However, at this moment we are facing more problems with working mothers! Because they have to stay out of the house for a long time! In that case also we say to emphasize on breastfeeding.

Feed the baby before you go to work, leaving as much milk for him as possible. Leaving breast milk can stay good at normal temperature for up to 6 hours !! It does not need to be refrigerated or boiled to keep well.

After coming back from work, breastfeed the baby more and more. However, the baby does not need to be breastfed more than 8-10 times daily. Just remember that a question ,

breast milk = 6 urination daily.

Yes! If you see that the baby is not gaining weight properly or is crying all the time despite urinating 6 times, then you must seek the help of a doctor. Then don’t give formula milk to the baby unless the baby is yours !!

2. After the baby is 6 months old:  After the age of 6 months, the baby has to be given extra food in addition to mother’s milk. In fact, after 6 months, mother’s milk cannot meet the baby’s food needs, so extra food has to be given.

Many are question , what to feed the baby at this time! Some are doctors , so we tell mothers to start with the baby’s first extra meal with rice and pulses, the baby should be fed 5-6 more extra meals along with mother’s milk.

You can mix rice and pulses 2-3 times a day between 5-6 meals a day, and you can boil bananas or eggs or potatoes for the remaining three meals.

If you want to cook rice, you can have any rice, you can have any dal for pulses. First, let the baby eat rice and pulses, do not blend in any way.

Remember, he is eating hard food for the first time, so he doesn’t know if he will take the food inside his mouth or bring it out! The mother has to understand that if she can put food on the tongue, then rice and pulses

Let the baby eat for 5-6 days, after 5-6 days when he gets used to it, he will mix the rice and pulses with vegetables, fish and meat.

When  he gets acquainted with every food, make him pulses and let the baby eat it. The baby should be fed within 2 hours of making khichuri.

The process of making this khichuri can take a month, two months, three months and there is nothing to worry about. It is important to keep in mind that over-feeding the baby in a hurry can be a hindrance.

With khichuri feeding, you can feed the baby boiled potatoes from time to time, boiled eggs, but first feed the egg yolk, then eat the white part.

You can feed the banana – boiled or ripe banana can be given to the baby either way.
You can feed him noodles as he gets a little older, – you can mix enough oil and eggs in the noodles, but of course spices, home spices are better.

Now the question is how much khichuri will eat? Eat khichuri. Half of the sweets we use to feed gradually increase in quantity.

One thing to keep in mind is to give water to the baby at this time. Water must be fed with a spoon or you can also drink it with a tube.

But do not feed with feeder under any circumstances. And as the child gets older, he will be able to hold the glass.

You can eat by yourself with a glass.
Any of the fruits can be fed, but what is available in our country, so let the child eat.

However, there is no pair of banana – papaya – mango. We don’t recommended to eat apples, oranges, grapes. Because, we can see often stomach problem of baby.


There is a different feeling in mothers for feeding cow’s milk.She likes to breastfeed now.

I have seen very few babies who drink cow’s milk and do not come to the doctor’s chambers sick! Cow’s milk, for a cow’s calf, do not play with the baby’s stomach.

We will always say one word prefer home-cooked food. – As soon as you become dependent on outside food, you will see you are going to come to hell (doctor’s chambers) with children !!

Finally, I would like to give some tips,

1. Never force feeding the baby.

2. When everyone in the family sits down to eat, feed the baby with everyone.

3. Do not feed the baby by showing TV, video on mobile.

4. Never feed the baby on the same plate or bowl. Then after a few days you will see the baby running after seeing the plate and glass and everyone in the family is running after him !!

5. Always give the same food, not at the same time – think, feed him a banana this morning, then the next morning let him eat a boiled egg. You will see that the taste in his mouth is not being lost!

Feeding a baby is really difficult. But we make it even harder when we start experimenting with baby food!

In fact, our mothers are freedom fighters, they are constantly fighting for the health of their children. Always prioritize home meals, you will find that feeding the baby has become a lot easier …


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