Best 15 Ways Find Out The Smartphone Original Or Not

In today’s age of technology one cannot imagine without a smartphone. Smartphone  companies are fighting to capture the market with new advanced features

15 best ways to find out the smartphone original or duplicate
The Smartphone Original Or Duplicate

Along with this fake mobiles exist in  the market which look exactly like the original smartphone. Also read : What to know before buying a smartphone    

How would you feel if you found out that your mobile phone is a fake one after buying a hobby smartphone?

So in this article you will know, how to check whether your smartphone is original or duplicate?

By following the best ways, anyone could able to find out the smartphone original or not?

[ 1 ]     Fake smartphones are not as bright and vibrating as the original smartphones.

[ 2 ]   The display glass of fake mobile sets is very low quality. The phone does not respond like the real phone when touched on the display.

[ 3 ]   The distance of the screen from the body of the fake device is more. Due to which the gap between the screen and the body can be seen.

[ 4 ]  Many sensors do not work on fake phones.

[ 5 ]The battery capacity of real and fake phones is not equal.

[ 6 ] The distances of the home, power and volume buttons are not as close as in the original set.

[ 7 ]  Samsung’s logo is smooth and not parallel. It is firmly attached to the original phone.

[ 9 ] The size of the original and fake set is not the same. For this reason, if the original and fake sets are kept side by side, the fake set can be easily understood.

[ 10 ]   Check the set’s internal memory. The 16GB, 32GB and 64GB phones have 9GB, 25GB and 56GB for user use. If it is more or less, then the set is fake.

[ 11 ] You can check the IMEI number of your phone to know if it is genuine or fake. The IMEI number is written on the sticker of the phone box or by pressing * # 06 # code on the phone, the IMEI number of that phone will come out.

Now enter this number by going to the website, then the phone model name will show with the help of that IMEI number.

If the model of the phone does not match with your phone, then the phone may be a clone or fake phone.

[12 ]   Press *#0*# on the smartphone. If the phone is real, the LCD test can be seen on the screen immediately. It will never come in a fake set.

[ 13 ]   On the original phone, if you press *#1234#, you will see the version AP, CP and CSC serial numbers, if you press *#0*#, you will see the general test mode and *# 0226#. These ‘codes’ do not work on fake phones.

[ 14 ] Take the original or clone phone you want to check and dial *# 0*# Then you will see some buttons, from there touch to write sensor.

Now touch the image test (Image Text) writing on the top right.If the picture of the puppy comes after touching, then it is genuine.

And if it comes to flowers, nature or zebra, then you have to understand that it is a clone device.

[ 15 ]   Each hardware device made by Apple has a serial number that carries the warranty and service of your iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch.
To find out  the serial number – tap Settings> General> About, see the 12-digit serial number. Go here

Search with the 12 digit serial number, the device will show all the details if it is original. Then why is it late? Check your smartphone now.

Conclusion :  By following the important rules of the checking out the smartphone original or not, one could able to get an genuine mobile successfully.

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