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15 Best Natural Home Remedies For Child Fever

Your baby is the treasure of your pulse. As the closest parent to your child, it is normal for the whole world to feel dark when your baby is sick.Natural home remedies

In fact, fever is a common symptom in infants, children and adults. Although fever is not dangerous for them, many parents find it stressful.

Fever refers to when a child’s body is fighting infection.Therefore, parents should not worry if their child has a fever.

They should emphasis on how homeopathic remedies can be treated naturally.Today we will discuss how to cure your child fever quickly in natural home remedies.

[ 1 ] Mustard oil and garlic massage: Ingredients made from a mixture of mustard oil and garlic make the body sweat and play an effective role in removing toxins.

  • To make the mixture, first take 1 tea spoon of mustard oil. Take 1 tea spoon of garlic paste with it. Heat these two ingredients in a microwave or oven for 30 seconds. Then mix it well.
  • Now massage this mixture well on the baby’s chest, back, palms of the hands, neck and back of the feet.

[ 2 ] Lemon and honey mixture: Honey and lemon mixture is a strong immune enhancer.Firstly mix a full lemon juice and honey as needed with a cup of mild hot water.

Now feed your baby one teas poon of the mixture three times daily.

[ 3 ] Put a clean wet cloth on head: When your child has a high fever, put a clean wet cloth on the child’s head. This will control his body temperature.

However, taking your child under the age of three months to a pediatrician.

[ 4 ] Bathe in mild warm water :  You can bathe your child in light warm water to control the temperature.

[ 5 ] Liquid foods: When your child has a fever, give him fluids every now and then. Such as fruit juice, yogurt and water etc.are useful for your baby.

[ 6 ] Onion massage: Onion helps in lowering body temperature as well as it plays an important role in reducing  the pain of the sick body.

Chop an onion to make it. Then mix a little mustard oil. Now take half a teaspoon of it and just massage it on the baby’s feet.

[ 7 ] Wearing cotton clothes: If the child has a fever, help him to get enough fresh air. If you have more than one clothes ,take it off. And the baby must be made of cotton so that the body temperature is under control.

[ 8 ] Egg whites: Egg whites are rich in protein. And the white part has a sticky substance that absorbs body temperature.

To make it, just take the white part of the egg. Then make a paste of the white part and dip the cloth cleanly in it. After two minutes, wrap it around your baby’s feet.

[ 9 ] Raisins: Raisins are a medicinal food. It contains antibacterial and antioxidant rich ingredients which effectively fight against infections and reduce body fever.

To make it, first soak 100 grams of water and raisins in a clean container. After an hour, when the raisins are soft, take them quickly. Then strain well. Now feed it to your baby twice a day. This will reduce the child’s fever.

[ 10 ] Coriander seeds: Coriander seeds are a medicinal spice. It contains phytonutrient-rich ingredients that effectively fight infections and reduce body fever.

To make it, first soak water and a little coriander seeds in a clean container. Then cut the coriander seeds separately. Mix the milk with the remaining water. Let your baby drink this cool mixture to reduce fever.

Black cumin: Black cumin contains antimicrobial agents that fight against infections in the body and reduce fever, cold and runny nose.

One tea spoon of black cumin mixed with three tea spoons of honey which relieves  fever, pain, cold and cough.

[ 11] Basil leaves and cloves: Basil leaves and cloves are two medicinal properties.First boil 25 basil leaves and 5 cloves well with one liter of water.

When the water is half done, make your child drink the mixture twice a day over a mild warm.

[ 12 ] Fenugreek seeds : Fenugreek seeds contain alkaloids, saponins and diosgenin, which have many medicinal properties. It also helps fight infections.

First you soak fenugreek seeds at night. Then during the day let the baby eat fenugreek seeds soaked water.

[ 13 ] Rice stalks: Rice stalks have a special quality that fights infection. It expels the poison through the urethra.

Adequate[ 14 ]  rest: Rest is healing for the baby. Adequate sleep helps the baby to be more refreshed and the internal functions of the body to be successful. So look at the baby’s sleep as a mother.

[ 15 ] Coconut oil: Coconut oil has bactericidal and antiviral properties that help your child fight infections and reduce fever.By mixing a little with baby food, you’ll feed your baby.

Conclutions : Finally, as a conscious parent, apply the above natural home remedies without worrying at first if the child has a fever. If the condition worsens, a pediatrician should be consulted

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